Most all programming environments end up with values or characters which are special in nature. For example, you can't use mathematical operators within the names of your fields. These characters are reserved for an obvious reason.

When creating your solution, there will be solution specific standards beyond those documented here. It is suggested that you create a script named Reserved keywords and add comment script steps for each reserved word within the solution. This facilitates a convenient location to reference when choosing what to name variables and other elements in the solution.

The Coding Standards and Best Practices covered here have a number of reserved names in order to ensure consistency across solutions which follow these standards.


The Standards.fp7 file contains many of the topics covered on this wiki. It is suggested you use this file as a starting point or to be copied from regarding the Best Practices and Coding Standards covered here.

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  1. Anonymous

    I would not mind using this file as my starter file if I can be assured that it has never crashed.

    1. You can always run any FileMaker file through FMDiff to determine if a file has had corruption.