The Standards.fmp12 FileMaker file contains both the Coding Standards and Best Practices covered within this web site. The file is constantly being improved and its version can be found as the first script within the file. If you would like to get involved or have suggestions then please see the information about Getting Involved.

Downloading a copy

The most recent version of this file is currently in the working branch of Matt's personal fork of the fmpstandards repo authoritative code repository on github.com


Downloading the file is simply a matter of right-clicking the Standards.fmp12 file and choosing the "Save As..." (or equivalent) to download. You can verify you have the latest by cross referencing the version number in Manage Scripts and what is listed here.

# [1.0.4] 1/25/13
  mp - Copied in the revised Script Parameter functions filemakerstandards.org ( 557462 )
  mp - Copied in the renamed ObjectID/Name function
  mp - Removed LoopCounter function per discussion on filemakerstandards.org ( 557548 )
  mp - Added the Snippets script placeholder within Developer folder

# [1.0.3] 1/16/13
  mp - Added Developer Layout
  mp - Added Developer Layout script to force table mode

# [1.0.2] 11/21/12
  mp - Updated WindowProperties function
  mp - Update WindowCenter function
  mp - Added TableName function for ExecuteSQL use
  mp - Added FieldName function for ExecuteSQL use

# [1.0.1] 9/3/12
  mp - added the Defaults table to store default fields used for copy/paste

# [1.0.0] 8/15/12
  mp - created for the .fmp12 format


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