• Variables: locally scoped variables ($variableName) use lower camelCase. Similar to fields, it's the $ which distinguishes them within calculation code.







  • Variables: global variables ($$VARIABLE.NAME) are capitalized and use domain specific prefixes relevant to their functional use within the solution. Each level of the domain is delineated using dot notation (a period).







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  1. Anonymous

    So, I've forgotten where all the comments were on variable naming within a cf (or any Let () for that matter [guess that's what happens when you go on vacation!]). Anyway, I remember there were discussions about using "var.", the underscore, the bullet, etc. and have another idea. Since FileMaker uses the double dollar for global vars and the single dollar for local vars, how 'bout the cent (¢) for those variables used with a Let ()? it's easy to see, easy to type (only two keys - both with the left hand on the mac), and keeps with the money theme FileMaker has created for us. Thoughts?

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, forgot to sign that!

    Nick Chapin

  3. Anonymous

    I'm not clear on the need to distinguish variables within a Let from other locally scoped variables.  The ¢ character would work, but why do we need to create another one; isn't "locally scoped" clear enough?

    Matthew Miller