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I like to propose a new section Best Practice besides Coding Standards.

Some ideas or discussions in Coding Standards are already belong more into Best Practice than Coding Standards, like using UUID for primary key fields, or systems to use for passing script parameters.

I understand, there is not always a clear line between both sections. But consider this, when you rely on custom functions, you need FileMaker Pro Advance. But the Coding Standard should apply to simple FileMaker Pro users as well.

Perhaps we can mention certain features in Coding Standards and add a link to Best Practice for further explanation and discussion.

Some items I would rather put into Best Practice:

  • Custom function UUID (done)
  • Script parameter system

Arnold Kegebein
arnold (at) kegebein (dot) net

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  1. Yeah, I think there is some merit to this as it does draw a line between the two areas.

    One of my personal goals with these standards does blur the line between best practices and coding standards. It would be nice if every solution I came across, or at least those I worked with, would pass parameters in the same fashion.

    While I realize this is a bit ideal, given the variety of coding styles, the standards and documentation here is for the benefit of those who choose to follow them - not necessarily for the community at large.

    How about extended documentation about best practices in a dedicated area with a "preferred method" or "editor's choice" in the standards area. We can add a note within the standards to point to the best practices area. Does that sound like a good compromise?

      1. Done deal, I've set up the Best Practices space. We can follow the format of adding to proposals, commenting, revising and then moving it into the respective area.