It's a pretty simple function, but it's like the Null custom function; it's main purpose is to clarify the code.  A calculation becomes self-documenting when you can use...


instead of

Abs( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) = 1

It may be best to also create an IsWindows function.  I would be happy with using not IsMac rather than creating another CustomFunction, but I think that's debatable.  If only one of the two functions is to be created, I prefer IsMac simply because it's shorter and quicker to type.

- Dan Smith

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  1. not IsMac isn't necessarily a satisfactory substitute for IsWindows, since you'd get a false positive in iOS.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks  I haven't developed for iOS yet, so I tend to forget about it.  I also hadn't realized that Get(SystemPlatform) returns a different value for GO.  I was going by the help docs installed with FileMaker 11, and it doesn't show that.

      - Dan Smith