Matt, just looked over your latest technique file. Nice to see some of this working out in practice. Does seem thought that some of the lines of code are very densely packed making it quite difficult to follow. How about a best practice to split major funtional parts with fake divider lines and some annotation text lines to easily scan a scripts parts??

john renfrew

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  1. John, Thanks for the suggestion. However, it's a big vague. Can you provide examples? Please try to make any proposal as descriptive as possible.

    1. Anonymous

      I think John is referring to scripts that are too dense, where each script step is right behind the following one.

      It is more readable to use empty comment lines as separators of blocks of script steps, so each "functionality" is grouped together.


  2. Anonymous

    I'm not sure what technique file John is talking about, as I just came across this site a few days ago, but it sounds to me like he is referring to adding whitespace to scripts.

    I use 3 empty comments to separate major sections of the script, followed by a section title comment in caps.  Each section can have comments in lower case; although I like to utilize calculation commenting as much as possible.  I also use an empty comment step as needed for whitespace within major sections.

    Here is my standard ScriptTemplate.  It kind of shows what I am referring to.

    - Dan Smith

    1. The script template I referred to is now outdated and apparently nobody could access it anyway's since I password protected the website (oops!), so I just deleted the file.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Dan

    I tried to take a look at your template however it appears your site is password protected and the PDF cannot be viewed.


    Patrick Stewart