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Provides supplemental security to the file, in that the startup layout and table contain no fields or elements which are immediately accessible.

Empty Startup Table

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Blank Startup Layout

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titleStartup Variables

Using a simple text object on the Startup layout can optionally be used to load data into global variables. By utilizing FileMaker's conditional formatting on this text block, any number of global variables can be initialized. The biggest advantage to this implementation is centralized initialization of global variables - instead of potentially be spread across multiple startup subscripts. The conditional formatting code reads as follows.

EvaluationError ( Evaluate ( Self ) )

The text block is preferably situated in the right hand portion of the layout and anchored to the right. By providing a left based indent on the text block, a small portion of the text block should transverse the layout's right most boundary. This will ensure the evaluation of the conditional formatting.

See the Standards Template File for FileMaker 12

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Startup File Options

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By using the low impact startup layout within the File's options, the file is always guaranteed to open with minimal impact. It is loading a table with no fields or data. Using the Script Triggers within the File's Options and a dedicated startup script is the preferred method for targeting the proper initial layout for the solution.