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I have been using a technique (I don't know if it is really new or not, but it is not listed on this page yet) to store StatusGlobals ( like AllowAutoEnter, ScriptTriggersBlocked) etc.

I got inspired by Matt Petrowsky's idea to use custom functions for more than just storing a simple calculation. At a certain point in a project I ran into the problem that in one of my scripts I turned the scripttriggers off ($$blockScriptTriggers = 1 ) and forgot to turn it of at the end of the script ($$blockScriptTriggers = 0).

This meant that in certain conditions the application simply failed... no more OnRecordLoad, OnLayoutLoad etc...

As it was really a pain in the ass to find the script that caused it, I came to the idea that I actually wanted to know which script lastly modified this statusGlobal. So I created for this "ScriptTriggersBlocked" status three different custom functions (SG is my "class" name for all the StatusGlobals)

  • SG_ScriptTriggersLockedSet ( _boolean )
  • SG_ScriptTriggersLockedGet -> returns a boolean
  • SG_ScriptTriggersLockedInfo -> returns more detailed info about the last modification of the status global

The custom functions uses xmlSet ( _tag ; _data ) and xmlGet ( _tag ; _data ) developed by Fabrice Nordmann, they can be downloaded here:

SG_ScriptTriggersLockedSet ( _boolean )

Let ( $$SG_ScriptTriggersLocked =
xmlSet ( "status" ; GetAsBoolean ( _boolean ) ) &
xmlSet ( "scriptName" ; Get ( ScriptName ) ) &
xmlSet ( "CurrentTime" ; Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) )  &
xmlSet ( "LayoutName" ; Get ( LayoutName ) )


Let (
_status = xmlGet ( $$SG_ScriptTriggersLocked ; "status" )
GetAsBoolean ( _status )



Those custom functions saved me many times. If there is now a particular strange behavior with my scripttriggers, I just put in my dataviewer SG_ScriptTriggersLockedInfo and I get the information of the latest status change.

I use the same principle for "Auto-enter block", "Turn Audit On", etc etc

For me this is really something that has an added-value for every developer, but as I said in the beginning of my post, I don't know if this is a known technique or not... Or maybe there are better techniques...