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It is assumed that, as a serious FileMaker developer, you are using FileMaker Pro Advanced with access to custom functions and other advanced features. Taking full advantage of FileMaker requires this investment.

  • PHP OO Article This is a good read about PHP OO Good habits
  • Encapsulate your code — having to change things in many places is a pain
  • Write highly cohesive code by using strongly named grouping patterns - reuse is the goal
  • Make it DRY — If you see it appear a second time then make it so it will only have to be changed in one place (Don't Repeat Yourself)
  • Avoid tight coupling — i.e. write code with fewer dependencies
  • Handle all possible errors
titleFixing calculation code

If you currently have messy code and want a head start on code cleanup you can use this tool FileMaker Calculation Formatter. While it does not adhere to the standards outlined here. It does a lot of the hard word for you.