In some programming languages there are either functions or named variables which are created/declared for purely temporary purposes. These "placeholders", while temporary and often required, have little directly applicable relevance to the core functionality of a given FileMaker calculation or script. The most common of these situations is an Evaluate () function which declares a variable variable itself.

The suggested best practice is to use the Reserved elements character of an exclamation point (!) as the "throw away" or "non relevant" declaration of such elements. The following list are some of the possible variations.

$! = Evaluate ( "Some FileMaker calculation here" )

! = "calculation scoped unnamed variable"

!trash = "calculation scoped named variable" // keyword 'trash' is adopted by this solution

The exclamation is reserved, but any other keyword (optional or otherwise) is up to the developer. The exclamation, in the context of these standards, essentially means "you can safely ignore this".

Here is some sample code.

Let ( [
$variableVar = "fooBar";
~evalString = "Let ( $" & $variableVar & "=" & Quote ( "baz" ) & "; True )";
! = Evaluate ( ~evalString )