FileMaker provides a number of default auto-enter values for specific fields such as creation date, time, account name, timestamp and the less used name - as well as their modification equivalents.

When creating a solution which is used in more than one time zone it is desired to know when records were created or modified relative to a singular time. This can be accomplished with FileMaker's Get ( CurrentHostTimeStamp ) function within an auto-enter field.

Follow these steps to implement or simply copy and paste from the Standards.fp7 or Standards.fmp12 file.


Follow the settings within these dialogs.

Note: The check box for Do not replace existing value of field (if any) is checked for the creation field but not for the modification field.

When using GetField ( Null ), the calculation is always evaluated and forces the call to the Get ( CurrentHostTimeStamp ) function. This is useful for time based calculations and audit logging.

The modification version of the field varies only in the setting of the Do not replace check box (which is disabled) and its reference to the modificationTimestamp field.